Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements

Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Element is an electric element principally containing molybdenum disilicide for use in industrial and laboratory furnaces. Elements fabricated of this unique material support high power densities on their surface (e.g. 20 W/cm² of element surface area at an element temperature of 1700°C, 14 W/cm² at 1800°C and 5 W/cm² at 1900°C), can be cycled rapidly. 3 grades are available with maximum element temperatures of 1700°C, 1800°C and 1900°C in air.Made of molybdenum disilicide based cermets MOSI2 heating elements withstand oxidation at very high temperatures.

Their surface is protected by of a thin layer of silica glass that forms when they are exposed to oxygen at elevated temperatures. Although the base cermet is consumed in the formation of the silica "skin" the rate of decomposition is minimal. They provide long performance at elevated temperatures while delivering high power. Element resistance increases slowly over time as the cermet decomposes and the diameter of the heating shank is reduced. MOSI2 heating elements do not exhibit the rapid aging of silicon carbide or metallic iron-chrome-aluminum alloy elements.MOSI2 heating elements operate at the highest temperatures and give longest life in oxidizing atmospheres. They can operate in other atmospheres but have reduced maximum temperatures.



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