Radiant Heating

Radiant Heaters is an ideal electric element for Powder Metallurgical tubes because of its great advantages, such as – very high power – long life – low weight – easy to design to existing power controls and supply. Combined with PM tubes, a "maintenance free system" is obtained with high reliability and with no need to remove elements, clean or rotate tubes, if correctly designed. The variety of applications where the Radiant Heaters system can be used is vast. The main areas of use are in heat treatment, aluminum and steel industry furnaces.

The high loading capabilities of both radiant Heaters and Powder Metallurgical(PM) tubes can be exploited to the full in new furnaces and conversions from traditional radiant tube designs. In both cases, higher power and/or temperatures can be obtained, or a similar output achieved with fewer assemblies installed, leading to improved furnace flexibility and lower costs. The longer life obtained with the Radiant HeatingL system, ensures highly reliable production and uninterrupted furnace operation.Radiant Heaters assemblies are available in a wide range of standard diameters, to suit the sizes of tubes currently available. In principle, the length of element is virtually unlimited, but the practicalities of packing, shipping and installation may impose restrictions on the usable length. TRdiant elements are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations.Normally, horizontal tubes are simply supported at both ends. With very long radiant tubes, it may benecessary to provide supports along the tube length. PM rod has proved ideal for fabricating suitable support systems, hooks, etc.



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